Section 1 — Regular Meetings.

a. Day and Time. This club shall hold a regular meeting once each week on the day and at the time provided in the bylaws.

b. Change of Meeting. For good cause, the board may change a regular meeting to any day during the period commencing with the day following the preceding regular meeting and ending with the day preceding the next regular meeting, or to a different hour of the regular day, or to a different place.

c. Cancellation. The board may cancel a regular meeting if it falls on a legal holiday, including a commonly recognized holiday, or in case of the death of a club member, or of an epidemic or of a disaster affecting the whole community, or of an armed conflict in the community which endangers the lives of the club members. The board may cancel not more than four regular meetings in a year for causes not otherwise specified herein provided that this club does not fail to meet for more than three consecutive meetings.

d. Satellite Club Meeting (When Applicable). If provided in the bylaws, a satellite club shall hold regular weekly meetings at a place and at a time and day decided by its members. The day, time and place of the meeting may be changed in a similar way to that provided for the club’s regular meetings in section 1(b) of this article. A satellite club meeting may be cancelled for any of the reasons enumerated in section 1(c) of this article. Voting procedures shall be as provided in the bylaws.

Section 2 — Annual Meeting.

a. An annual meeting for the election of officers shall be held not later than 31 December as provided in the bylaws.

b. A satellite club (when applicable) shall hold an annual meeting of its members before 31 December to elect officers for the general governance of the satellite club.