Club Constitution

Section 1Disputes. Any dispute between any current or former member(s) and this club, any club officer, or the board, except a decision of the board, shall, upon a request to the secretary by any disputant, be resolved by either mediation or arbitration.

Section 2Date for Mediation or Arbitration. Within 21 days after receipt of the request, the board shall, in consultation with the disputants, set a date for the mediation or arbitration.

Section 3Mediation. The procedure for mediation shall be

  1. recognized by an appropriate authority with national or state jurisdiction; or
  2. recommended by a competent professional body whose recognized expertise covers alternative dispute resolution; or
  3. recommended in documented guidelines determined by the RI board or TRF Trustees.

Only Rotarians may be mediators. The club may ask the governor or the governor’s representative to appoint a mediator with appropriate mediation skills and experience.

  1. Mediation Outcomes. The outcomes or decisions agreed to by the disputants after mediation shall be recorded and copies given to each party, the mediator or mediators, and the board. A summary statement acceptable to the parties shall be prepared for the information of the club. Any disputant, through the president or secretary, may call for further mediation if a party has retracted significantly from the mediated position.
  2. Unsuccessful Mediation. If mediation is requested but is unsuccessful, any disputant may request arbitration, as provided in section 1 of this article.

Section 4Arbitration. In the event of a request for arbitration, each disputant shall appoint a Rotarian as an arbitrator and the arbitrators shall appoint a Rotarian as an umpire.

Section 5Decision of Arbitrators or Umpire. The decision reached by the arbitrators or, if they disagree, by the umpire shall be final and binding on all parties and not be subject to appeal.