Club Constitution

Section 1General Qualifications. This club shall be composed of adult persons who demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership; possess good reputation within their business, profession, and/or community; and are willing to serve in their community and/or around the world.

Section 2 — Types. This club shall have two types of membership, active and honorary. Clubs may create other types in accordance with section 7 of this article. These members are reported to RI as either active or honorary.

Section 3Active Members. A person who possesses the qualifications in article 5, section 2 of the RI constitution may be elected as an active club member.

Section 4 — Satellite Club Members. Members of a satellite club of this club shall also be members of this club until the satellite club is admitted to RI membership as a Rotary club.

Section 5Prohibited Dual Memberships. No member shall simultaneously

  1. belong to this and another club other than a satellite of this club, or
  2. be an honorary member in this club.

Section 6Honorary Membership. This club may elect honorary members for terms set by the board, who shall:

  1. be exempt from paying dues;
  2. not vote;
  3. not hold any club office;
  4. not hold classifications; and
  5. be entitled to attend all meetings and enjoy all other privileges in the club, but have no rights or privileges in any other club, except to visit without being a Rotarian’s guest.

Section 7Exceptions. The bylaws may include provisions that are not in accordance with article 8, sections 2 and 4 – 6.