The Phil Sprenkle Vocational Award honors an individual (Rotarian or non-Rotarian) in mid-career who has displayed excellent leadership in a vocation recognized by Rotary International. The indi­vidual exemplifies the Rotary motto “Service Above Self” in his or her community life and also has balanced career achievement with love and concern for family life. The award honors the memory of Phil Sprenkle, a long-time devoted member of the Winchester Rotary Club and a person who displayed exemplary vocational talent.

1994     John H. Tyson 2008     Patricia M. Ridgeway
1995     Nicholas J. Nerangis 2009     Donald J. Louque III
1996     Janette Matthiesen 2010     Teresa S. Lloyd
1997     David A. Kollar 2011     Alex Iden
1998     William Shendow* 2012     Julia Kogut
1999     Ralph Lewis* 2013     Philip B. Glaize Jr.
2000     Patricia D. Stiles 2014     Tim Coyne
2001     Paula Rind 2015     Erik L. Beatley
2002     Patricia Taylor 2016    Lisa Geisler
2003     Marc P. Jaccard 2017    Cary Claytor
2004     Dixon Whitworth 2018    Mayor John David Smith, Jr.
2005     Sharen Gromling 2019    Jonathan Snowden
2006     Roger Whittenburg 2020    Jeffrey Feit
2007     John Sygielski 2021    Katrina McClure